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wellness must-haves for winter

in the winter, self care takes a bit of extra assistance especially if you live in a place that's cold! as a die hard summer girl, these things make me happy in winter until summer is here again :)

  1. walking pad - this has helped me more than i thought it would!! when I can't get a walk in during daylight hours, or it's raining - i can still get my walk in!

  2. red light mask or red light - for feelings of the sun! I haven't yet invested in a red light, but I have this red light mask and i love her. plus she has a bunch of other lights so you get more in one! (and she's currently on sale!!)

  3. hydration supplement - this is the only one i recommend because it is actually healthy, not loaded with sugar, not going to make your stomach feel weird, can be drank all day long, AND it's organic!

  4. grounding well pad - I was skeptical you guys but reallyy this actually works! by plugging it into the grounding (third hole) outlet (did you know the third prong of an outlet leads to the ground outside??) it mimics the effects of grounding with your feet in grass / the earth. I used it all week in Tahoe and it actually does immediately calm your nervous system and it feels like grounding! use code GWHALEY for a discount

  5. osea water cream for hydration - cleanest ingredients and such good hydration for your skin, also helps defend against blue light pollution (which we get more of in the winter staying inside!) use code HEALTHYSTAPLES for a discount!

  6. snail mucin serum - my new obsession. so hydrating - and affordable - i see why it went viral!

  7. weights for at home workouts! my bala's (i get 2 lb) and my favorite 5 lb ankle weights to level-up your workouts. i use these in every healthy staples workout and i see my muscles pop - especially my booty with those 5 lb ankle weights - immediatelyyy)

  8. these socks. they just give me an irrational amount of joy and can be worn all year round but are especially awesome in winter.

next on my list to try: mouth taping!

what's your winter wellness obsession? let me know in the comments!!

sending you love and comfort in this winter season. It's almost over so use it to continue to rest and restore for spring!

xo haley, healthy staples

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