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10 ways to be healthier this week that cost $0.00

consistency in being healthy is easiest when it is free to us!! every single thing on this list has transformed my life immensely. you don't have to be perfect and do them all, but try at least a couple this week see how much better you feel 🙏 then repeat 🔁 🤍

breath deeper // breathwork

(even 2 minutes. i like the wim hof app or Spotify guided ones)

walk (bonus points for walking outside)

limit your screen time

avoid sugary drinks, excessive caffeine, alcohol

cold shower / cold plunge

(at least 1 min, bonus points for 3+ minutes)

put your legs on the wall for 10 min before bed

(so good for your circulation, digestion, reducing inflammation, slimming, helping you sleep better)

meditate // be still

(even 2 minutes is good!! I love these on Spotify & this one by Alyssa in the Healthystaples app)

speak kindly to yourself + reroute negativity / answer negativity with gratitude and radical acceptance

drink more water !!

spend more time outside and in the sun. bonus points if you can take your shoes off and ground in the sea, sand, or grass.

so simple + shifts everything.

I made you a phone wallpaper so you can keep up the healthy habits and keep them in sight + in mind 🤍

What's your favorite free healthy habit? do you want a part 2? Let me know!! Xo



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