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-Founder, Master of Strength

Hi beautiful! My name is Haley Staples and I am a master fitness instructor specializing in barre strength workouts and dance cardio fitness. My passion is helping beautiful souls like you become your strongest, healthiest, happiest selves wherever you are, in the simplest, most affordable, most FUN, and most attainable way possible. 

I found fitness in the land of fried food during college partying days, living paycheck to paycheck, and it took me SO long to find my way to my strongest self. I may look like I have always had this figured out but I was 40 lbs heavier and didn't eat vegetables when I started my health journey!! 

Now I feel more alive and stronger than ever, I’m spending time in nature, working out effectively, and eating healthy, more than I would have ever imagined before I started. I promise you can do it, anywhere you are in the world, and I am here to give you the tools.


I am so grateful to be founding this platform with my amazing brother and personal hero, Jack Staples. 


I want to pave the path to make it easier for you to collect simple healthy staples (our last name!) you can take with you throughout your life that build a collection strong enough to bring out your strongest self staple by staple, day by day, having fun and feeling fortified physically, mentally, and spiritually.



We Are Doing Things Differently

Eat Healthy, Get Stronger, Stay Inspired

All in one membership - for as little as $10 / month *


-CTO, Well-Being Master

Hey! I'm Jack, the CTO, website designer, and mental health consultant here at Healthy Staples. Haley and I have always been the siblings that really love spending time together, and a really cool blessing of starting this project together is that we talk almost every day and get to help each other achieve our dreams. When I'm not working on the website side of things, you might find me traveling, trail running, making music, or learning a new skill. I have struggled off and on with some mental health issues throughout my life, and feel passionately that no one should feel alone in what they're walking through. I would love to help Healthy Staples grow to help people become healthier inside and out; more confident, joyful, and peaceful. If you're anything like me, that mission is enough to get you pretty excited about this community :)

About Us

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