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Mental Health / Deep Talks

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Hey guys! Welcome to the Healthy Staples Mental Health Group. Here we share our stories, we help each other feel seen and heard, we may ask for advice, share insights, or just be honest about how we're feeling in the moment.

We're creating this group because there are surprisingly few safe online spaces for mental health community, even though being able to relate to others and be accepted as you are is incredibly important. If you or someone you know has been looking for community or for a place to share what's helped you in your journey, we'd love to have you become a "friend" or member of the group.

The more people we have the more we can help each other, and encourage each other of where to get started / continue our journeys.

*Community is incredibly valuable but alone is not a replacement for professional mental health help if you are in need of it. We hope that this group can help you find resources if you need them!

Group Rules

Be Supportive

In this group we benefit from having a space to share our stories, share advice, and meet like-minded people. Please be supportive while people are sharing!


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  • December 4, 2021


  • Jack Staples

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